Department of Texas Hubmaster Network

District 12 Hubmaster Network update.

January, 2014

Within our district Post Commanders and their staff have been very active in the implementation of this program. Most have appointed Post Hubmasters that have or are developing post email lists. As new officers are installed in our posts the old recipients of the “hub” distributions should inform the new representatives about the program (forward the last email) so it will continue to flow smoothly.

Please keep your District Hubmaster advised of any changes in designated recipients or email addresses.

Cooperation and support from Past Commanders Bigley (2008-10), Robart (2010-12), present Commander Page, past District Webmaster Brand, and Post Representatives are making this an informative product. Your District Hubmaster appreciates all the support and assistance from all of our Legion family Members in the district.

The article below by Past Department Commander Don Daft (and then the first Department Hubmaster)in February 2010 explains this program very well for any new folks.


Announcing the Formation of Hubmaster Network

The formation of the Hubmaster Network for the Department of Texas has begun.

The 23 Dist Cmdrs have designated their respective Dist Hubmasters. The Division Hubmasters are the Division Commanders. The Department Hubmaster is Adjutant Bill West. The only chore left is to assign the individual Post Hubmaster which is to be done through the Post Commanders. I know it seems simple to just email the commander of each post, however we need to develop a network that will go into the future demands of electronic information desimmination throughout the State of Texas. It must be concise and timely to benefit the users of the network.

Firstly, the information will be sent to the Post Commander and the Post Hubmaster simultaneously. We would hope the Post Commander would oversee the information and advise the Post Hubmaster what needs to be read at the local post regular meeting, or if it needs to be acted upon sooner. In the absence of the Post Commander the Hubmaster must be advised what to do with the information, eg through the adjutant, etc. That way the information will be timely distributed to the posts without fail.

Secondly, keep in mind the only qualification of the Post Hubmaster is that he/she be on their internet service at home frequently and be able to bring the information and present it at the local post meeting.

The Department of Texas, the Div/Dist leaders, the local posts, and most importantly the individual members desparately need this network to move forward in our goals and programs that serve our veterans and communities.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Don Daft
Department Cmdr

(published February, 2010)

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