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We can do that, heck we can do anything because we are dang good.

(Note good language, going for family organization theme)


Bill’s plate will be really full coming back from the convention.

After the Planning meeting on Saturday, July 23 (9:00 am at Post 655) we can put together a plan and run it by him.  We can shoot to have it in place for the informal Commander's Call on Monday, August 1st at Post 655 at 7:00pm.




How about we create a "American Legion Riders' Info" button on the 12th District Events page and only post info that pertains to 12th District Riders' activities/interests?  (Ken - we need your expertise on how best to do this) I've attached a Safety Article written by one of our Post 356 Riders (Billie "Bugs" Dunlap) which might be the perfect way to kick off the page? (There will be monthly articles)   Then when Ken Cox sends out the 12th District News update email JT can provide a couple sentences introducing the new Riders' page?  






Here's a possible lead-in paragraph from Bugs:

99 Riders,

Billie "Bugs" Dunlap here, writing you from the Far East outpost of the Post 356 Riders' contingent in Patuxent River, Maryland. 

ABLE (Post 356 Road Captain) has asked me to write a "Safety Moment" on items of interest for the good of our group and for you as individual riders.  I'll not go into a full bio here, but as an introduction to my experience...  I started riding motorcycles over 37 years ago and nowadays log over 10,000 miles per year mostly on long haul rides with much of that in a group riding environment.  I'll be writing from my own experiences and from yours too if you'd care to recommend a topic and a tale. 

This month's inaugural article deals with a road hazard that we've all seen and hopefully all successfully negotiated without incident.  However, even the most innocuous situation can turn ugly fast.  Hopefully this article will raise your awareness of the issue and provide food for thought the next time you come across… 


 Best regards,

Billie “Bugs” Dunlap